Like the calm in the chaos,
The warmth in the cold,
Came by a jolly dove
Waving its wings
And soaring up above.
For never did there fly by a soul
Filled with such an utter glee!

Spreading her wings of laughter,
With a smile so bright
And a heart full of delight,
She came like a hurricane
Full of joy and insanity.
For never did there fly by a soul
Filled with such an utter glee!
~Mindblogging(Dedicated to one of my closest friends! :))



The Chirpy Gangsters!


We are the criminals,
Convicted of suicidal laughter,
And secret internal jokes.

Oblivious to others presence,
For the world starts and ends, 
Within this close-knit circle of ours.

No, we are not lovers!
We are the forerunners of trust,
The flag bearers of loyalty,
And the goalkeepers of camaraderie.
We are the most precious of relations possible.

We are the "friends"!
Where treachery isn't welcome,
Grudge, a non-existent species,
And mistrust, the terrorist being aimed to be shot.

The bond made to surpass eternity,
An emotion self-sufficient to die for,
Ours is a symbol of heaven on earth.

We, are the chirpy gangsters!
The jolly good fellows,
And the master pranksters!

~ Mindblogging


My daily longing

Yearning for a look,
The day seems like a boundless eternity.
Marking the start of my morning blues,
Yet again, my wait for him continues.

Being a man of his words,
Never did he fail to keep his promise,
As he knows how much I miss him,
And long for his warm cuddles.

And voilà! Here he comes!
Greeting him with mushy hugs,
And my doting barks,
My master, my father is finally home!

Ecstasy being an understatement,
Surreal is what it feels.
Finally its time to go for a walk,
Woof, Woof!Master, lets begin our talk!



I did!

Wanting to be wise,
I worked day and night.
But they said I couldn't,
And so I didn't.

Wanting to win the race,
I ran with the fastest pace.
But they said I couldn't, 
And so I didn't.

Wanting to conquer the world,
I set out with bared wings.
But they said I couldn't,
And so I didn't.

Wanting to abolish my pointless existence,
I decided to make the final plunge.    
Now the voices in my head feared I could. 
And so I did!



Inhumanely human

Have you noticed how badly it affects us when our pet gets injured or falls sick, similar to how it affects the parents when their child is unwell? Don’t we condemn the cruelty being inflicted upon dogs in some parts of the world where they are tortured in order to serve to customers as main course? Even the thought of such an incident makes us sick to the pit. 

So why doesn’t the same feeling get evoked when other highly intelligent animals, fishes & birds  are brutally butchered to death daily? Just because we are not used to having them as pets makes us indifferent to their suffering, is a flawed argument. There are so many people in this world who are proud parents of them and it is seen how gladly they enjoy human company and are known to show compassion and highly intelligent behaviours. 

We are called humans for a reason, and after all the mountains we have moved as an intelligent race, if we still can’t exhibit a pinch of humanity towards those who are below us in the foodchain, then maybe we should reconsider our intelligence. Just to satisfy the taste buds, these innocent beings are slaughtered to death for a matter of few mouth watering moments. After that what? The living being which had the same right as we do to live & enjoy all the things this world had to offer, was reduced to no more than a few pieces of meat & bones to fulfill the so called “superior being’s” craving. We, unlike the wild carnivores animals, donot need to kill & eat as we could lead a very healthy & long life if stuck to a diet sans the meat or for that reason fish, chicken, or anything which has a beating heart and a mind of its own.

The unimaginable pain they are subjected to under the label of “delicacies”, “fashion”, “lab testing” and many more arenas need to stop right away. We are no longer the cave men we used to be, who knew nothing better than to kill an animal to fill his stomach. Having come a long way since,  to keep doing the same thing we used to do is no longer an excuse.Its high time we put an end to this barbaric act and come to our senses, allowing these beings to walk free on this earth without the fear of being preyed upon by us. We shouldn’t view them as a mere source of food , fur or other luxury items to quench our greed, we gotta look above all of these and see them as another worthy living being and give them a chance to lead their lives which is rightfully theirs. Like nobody has the right to harm another human, similarly, nobody has given us the right to takeway any living beings life for our pleasure. Even they have emotions, family, & would want to raise their kids and enjoy motherhood, play with their siblings and lead a jolly good life. Lets not be inhuman and take away all of their magical moments.

The day everyone realises & acknowledges this, is the day we truly become worthy of being called humans! As they always say ~ live and let live!

An alluring fantasy

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Be it a very stressful situation or a laid back one, my salute to those light hearted souls who manage to crack one or two bombs of humor.                                           

And it is rightly said that smile is the best jewellery one can wear, which has now become an alluring fantasy in this stressful life, where right from the time of our birth, we are thrown into this competitive world where we hardly find time to have a hearty laugh. No wonder why people prefer to watch the daily sitcoms or comic movies. Even though the show lasts barely for 30-60 minutes, but the way it makes us forget the daily problems & tickles our funny bone to laughter is priceless.

Of the entire day’s events, we always miss the time we laughed our hearts out. Because that is when we truly felt relieved & devoid of any problems in the world. Having a cheery attitude and approaching things with a smile and hopeful demeanor, rather than with aggression or hopelessness, makes our life that much easier to live through.

That’s why while taking photographs, people usually pose with a smile, as it makes you look more beautiful & it is always the happy version of ourselves which we prefer to be remember. How many funny faces do parents make just to see their baby laugh, as the joy and warmth it brings to them is invaluable.

Lending a helping hand to someone in need may not be a big deal to you, but to that person you may be the only reason behind their long forgotten smile. And above all, seeing another person smile because of you, satisfies your soul like nothing else. 

So tomorrow when you begin your day, don’t forget that magical five lettered word! Take your smile ,out of your file, and wear it like a pro , got it bro?!✌

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